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Leadership & Mentorship Program

It is quite ironical that we call our kids and current youth who have no vision of what the future holds, “The Future Leaders.” These young ones have adapted an unusual but common way of life, Live as the day goes by. They live according to the presentations of the environment or society. They are tied down by the negatives of their environment. Whose fault is this?

Nested Hive Engineering Company Ltd is not here to act as parents to these children. We are here to give these kids a platform to project them into a future full of hope and aspiration. We are here to help these kids realize the full potential of their imagination. We are here to help these kids live a life of purpose. For such a vision, we seek to Launch the maiden edition of our Leadership and Mentorship Program come September, 2018.

NHEC’s Leadership and Mentorship Program covers a wide scope of programs with prominent speakers holding the grounds. A list of the programs included for the benefit of our target group include:

  • Business Seminars for Entrepreneurs comprising how to start a business, how to hire and fire, how to hire your co-founder, among others.
  • Scholarship Seminars for graduates who want to further their education in various programs.
  • Boot Camps for young ones, introducing them to Coding, Software Development, Website Development, Electrical and Electronic Projects and many other practical programs.
  • Scholarship Programs for Brilliant but Needy Students at any level of education.
  • Participating in this program, gives you the opportunity to attain a free membership in our Educational and Entrepreneurial Society, gain connections and links from prominent people within the Business and Educational Sectors and finally you will gain access to our library containing the autobiographies of great men and women who have made it.

    " There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hardwork and learning from failure. "

    - Colin Powell

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